October 13, 2015

Speech Therapy Activities

Speech Therapy  activities

Activities to improve pre-linguistic skills

  • Sing rhymes with simple gestures
  • place toys and picture books on eye level
  • identify and point at items in picture books
  • Pee -a- boo
  • Play fun games
  • Use ¬†cause and effect toys to play
  • Listen to sounds and imitate with actions.
  • Read stories
  • Play interactive games.

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Activities to improve social communication skills:

  • Role- play
  • Turn taking games
  • Facial expressions
  • Puppets
  • Encourage the child to greet others.
  • Use Social stories to teach how to behave.
  • Enact a story to improve turn taking, waiting and answering.
  • Picture narration in a group.


Activities to improve receptive skills:

  • Engage the child in different types of play such as functional play, relational play, self- directed play, pretend play and symbolic play.
  • Follow simple commands.
  • Identification of objects and pictures in books, photographs, in play by pointing.
  • Identify and enact actions.
  • Use turn taking games to teach pronouns.
  • Develop special concept by keeping an object in different places on a command.
  • Develop quantity concept by choosing/ identifying objects from a group of objects.
  • Story sequencing by arranging cards.

Activities to improve expressive skills:

  • Name items from a book, background and in play.
  • Label objects by function, features and class.
  • Answer questions logically when a situation is given.
  • Formulate meaningful, grammatically correct questions in responds to picture stimuli.
  • Responds to questions by giving reason.
  • Repeat sentences.
  • Retell a story with introduction, sequenced events and logical conclusion.
  • Formulate sentences about objects.
  • Use verities of nouns, verbs, modifiers, pronouns and concepts in spontaneous speech in a group activity.


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