October 21, 2020

ABA Therapy Services Dubai


The best ABA certified professional team with several years of experience treating children with autism

Hundreds of kids treated successfully at Austin. Talk to our parents to know about our ABA Therapy team.

Majority of kids mainstreamed to good schools in Dubai & Sharjah.

Strict regular supervision by case managers brings better results in a short time.

Weekly cases to case discussions with whole team to ensure that treatment is in the right track

High quality treatment by certified  ABA Therapist with 5+ years at an affordable price. 

Collaborative treatment with other specialists to ensure overall growth

Huge number of therapy tools & objects for specialty ABA treatment

Parents will be trained ABA to work with the kids at home for better results

Parents are integral part of therapy .Parents can sit and watch therapy during ABA sessions


Applied Behavior Analysis is the leading research supported therapeutic treatment .In ABA principles of various behaviours are applied consistently for behavior modification .

ABA is an umbrella term, used to refer to a way to maximize learning and minimize inappropriate behaviors.  The parent’s involvement is very important by keeping track of what their child is learning and encouraging them to use the skills they have learned outside of therapy time.

It uses a combination of rewards and consequences, so that children learn better and more effectively.

In addition to benefiting children with Autism, research has also shown that ABA can greatly benefit individuals with mental retardation, Down’s syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder(ABA improves attention)  , ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and many other disabilities.

How to choose an ABA Therapist?

Choose a therapist who is properly qualified in ABA (Eg: Phycologists who studied ABA in their Bachelors/Masters curriculum). Always choose a person who is having a masters/bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Child development/rehabilitation.

Better to choose an ABA therapist with  at least 3 years of work experience in a reputed large ABA Therapy center in Dubai.

Always ask for client reference before finalizing the therapists. This will help you to know more about the therapist before making the decision.

Ask how many kids with similar case in similar age group they handled before? Whether the BCBA regularly monitoring sessions and modifying the program as per the progress of child? Whether the daily progress recorded and communicated to the supervisor? Whether parent is part of the team and trained do follow-up programs at home with the child?

Our clients say

All the testimonials listed can be contacted on advance request

No words will be enough to thank the help and support given by Austin to our family. The consultant was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. She had dragonised our son's problems in details and helped him to overcome very complex behavioural issues which he was exhibiting. We joined this centre a few months before and lots of positive results have been received in the short span of time.
mother , dubai
Child with behavior & speech problems

It was July 2019, when the most unfortunate news broke to us, that our child had a certain condition that was delaying his development. We spoke to the doctor, who confirmed his condition and suggested Austin Center. Since we as parents had no idea regarding this condition and were trying to convince ourselves that our son would be fine, we needed to focus on all possible treatments to help him overcome it. The Austin Center has been very focused and systematic in its overall intervention. It was with the support of their qualified staff that our child felt comfortable and was able to show quick results. Tinu has spent quite a bit of time understanding his personality and providing tailor-made plans to meet his requirements. Our son showed quite a progress within 2–3 months. He enjoyed the time he spent here doing various activities and also at home revising the same. Tinu was very approachable and helped us to find ways to tackle his behavior at home. I personally think this would be the most important attribute of Austin Center to involve parents actively in the intervention.

God bless Tinu in her future endeavor because of her hard work and patience our son got the star of the week in the very first week of his school.

Thanks a lot,

Love Rafael

mother , dubai
Child with Behaviour problems
We joined Austin in July 2020. My son had communication delays and lack of understanding. We visited many centres which were of no results as expected. Then we joined Austin which made a remarkable improvement in my son. The best thing here is total transparency and complete involvement of the therapist and coordination of them with us. Parents can sit and watch every session and can address their concerns to therapist or the supervisor in charge. Thank you team Austin giving us hope to move forward.

My son started his therapy 6 months back for ABA and OT. He had behavioral and speech issues. Before joining Austin he never spoke a word. But after joining, within a week we started the progress. He started to identify family members and started to call Appa, Amma, 

He started to take initiative to speak a few words when he wanted to ask a few things. We really thank Christeena for the effect and dedication towards my kid where he started to achieve his milestones.

Speech is getting improved but still in behavioral changes to be worked out. Once again we really thank the therapists for her effort and dedication. Thank you Austin, we made the right decision of joining my son in this Center. 

Mother, Dubai
Child Speech & Behavior Issues


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