October 8, 2020

Best Child psychologist’s in Dubai


Certified clinical psychologists with several years’ of pediatric experience

  A large set of extremely happy client testimonials from Dubai & Sharjah.

  Detailed psychological assessment reports at a very affordable fees

  Our reports are accepted by all schools and educational authorities

  Using latest psychological assessment tools

  Treatment results are assessed in regular intervals to ensure the quality of treatment

  Home therapy programs are given everyday to parents.

 Weekly case discussion with a multidisciplinary team treating the specific case to ensure all areas of problems are addressed correctly.


Child psychologist is a Clinical psychologist who conducts various tests and assessments to identify psychological, behavioral and emotional problems of your child. After the observation and assessment psychologist will design the treatment plan according to the child’s specific individual needs. Treatment progress will be periodically assessed and modified according to the treatment results.

How to choose a psychologist?

Ask educational qualification of your child’s psychologists. Ideally a pediatric psychologists should have a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in clinical psychology / Child development from a reputed university. This degree certificate should be approved by the ministry of community development authority UAE or the concerned ministry.

Check the license number to practice as a psychologist from the corresponding country of practice. In UAE, employee labour card should mention the designation as “psychologist”

Make sure the psychologist has minimum 3 years of experience in assessment/treatment of pediatric cases. Ask whether the psychologist has experience in the specific area of service which you are looking for.

Ask for client testimonials to ensure that everyone is happy with the service. Make sure that parents are getting proper assessments and reports. Verify whether the reports given are approved by schools and local government authorities in UAE

Our clients say

All the testimonials listed can be contacted on advance request

My son Adhvik started his therapy 6 months back for ABA and OT. He had behavioral and speech issues. Before joining Austin he never spoke a word. But after joining, within a week we started the progress. He started to identify family members and started to call Appa, Amma, He started to take initiative to speak a few words when he wanted to ask a few things. We really thank Christena for the effect and dedication towards my kid where he started to achieve his milestones. Speech is getting improved but still in behavioral changes to be worked out. Once again we really thank the therapists for her effort and dedication. Thank you Austin, we made the right decision of joining my son in this Center.
Advhiks's mother , dubai
Child with behavior & speech problems
Nehan visited Christeena in March 2020 and since we have seen many changes in him. Hence there were virtual classes in between, but he was cooperating with her. I remember the first day when she asked me ‘ What problem had I seen in Nehan? ‘I was clueless and overwhelmed by that question. I cried and she just said ‘It is OK, we can work together, for the improvement “. It worked like a therapy for me. Therefore she he understood him and taught me to be patient, whereas it has helped Nehan to this level. I am happy with what she did and looking forward to Nehan’s full improvement. Thank You
nehan's mother, dubai
Child with Autism

Eva has been here for the last two months and I have seen considerable improvement in her behavior. She is very happy and attentive with Christy and it's having a very positive impact on her. Eva’s attention and vocabulary have improved a lot. Now she is kicking random words from the nursery. Rhymes and has become comfortable with words like come, go, and gave. Sitting and doing activities at home is a bit difficult but we are working on it. Also, sometimes she is walking on toes, but other than that she has improved a lot. Christy has been giving regular tips and guiding me all the time so this has been very helpful and assuring for me. I am very happy and satisfied with Christy’s counseling / therapy. Warm regards
Surgdha, Dubai
Child with multiple delays


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