October 24, 2020

Occupational Therapy For Kids


 Highly qualified Occupational Therapist’s with 10+ year experience with pediatric cases

Hundreds of happy client testimonials across Dubai and Sharjah

Very well equipped Occupational Therapy and Sensory rooms

Continuous target monitoring to make sure all goals are achieved in the expected time

Collaborative treatment with other specialists to ensure overall growth

High quality treatment by experts at a very affordable price.

Weekly case discussion with the entire team 

Parent training to work with clients at home

Parents can observe all therapy sessions and discuss the concerns with therapists


Playing is the basic right of a  child. Due to various issues some children can finds it difficult to play and do their day to day works independently . These issues bay be due to the sudden health problems , any genetic disorders,accidental injury etc.Living with the these conditions will make life really difficult. The role of an occupational therapist to help individuals who are facing these type of difficulties ,so that these children live independently and play with their friends without any difficulties.

After our occupational therapist assess your child’s ability to function daily activities, OT will  suggest a plan to  increase the functional independence of your child. This suggestion may include rehab programs,changes to be done in child’s home and school environment to make the child independent.

Occupational Therapist(OT) will mainly work to improve fine motor skills,gross motor skills,play skills,hand writing skills,usage of tools,visual perception etc.

Our occupational therapist’s  are having masters degree in occupational therapy and  minimum five years of experience working with special needs children. If you are really looking for occupational therapy services in Dubai or its nearby emirates Sharjah,please call us.

Our clients say

All the testimonials listed can be contacted on advance request

My child was having lots of sensory issues and poor with his academics than his peers. I was totally confused thinking of tackling these issues. One of my friends who had very good experience with Austin suggested me to try them. I took my child for the OT sessions there.

Now it’s the 4th month and I can see his progress in his academic skills as well as a social skills. Majority of the sensory related problems also reduced to a great extent. He can now handle his study loads just like his peers.

Thank you Austin for this transformation of my kid.

mother , dubai
Child with sensory problems

My son joined for OT sessions at Austin in the last month. The team is intelligent and have a depth knowledge about his sensory issues. Especially the therapist who worked with him made a good rapport with him in a short time.

In fact I have taken him for sessions in another Centre in the past. But he was not cooperating and no much improvement where there after two months of service. It was too difficult for me to take him for sessions since he is hesitant to attend sessions.

But over here, I can see the difference. Unlike the other center here therapists are well experienced and all the goals set by therapist are checked regularly by their supervisor.

The way they take care of my son is truly amazing. He got better experience with Austin, and he is actually happy to come for sessions.


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