March 20, 2016


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Austin Center
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by Anupam on Austin Center
ABA and Autism Treatment

Who is the best ABA Therapy provider in Dubai? I have the answer.Following is my experience with Austin Center.I came to Austin center 3 months before, for my 3 1/2 year old daughter. Before I came here, she didn’t communicate. But after ABA Therapy in austin she started communicating. I learned a lot from Mrs. Asha regarding behavioral problems/ Applied Behavior Analysis and it helped us to tackle the behavioral issues. Now he has improved a lot and She is getting better and better.Thank you so much Austin Team

by Mrs.Sabeena on Austin Center
Good Services

It’s been around 6months since my son is getting treatment from Austin. He has improved a lot and we feel he will be ok very soon. As a mother I am immensely grateful to Mrs.Asha for her support and empathy. All the other staffs are wonderful here - work and as a human being. Thank you is small word to describe, but as formality- Big Thank You.

by Nibu John on Austin Center
Speech Therapy Services


My daughter started Speech therapy at Austin center when she was two years and 5 months old. At the time her response to name was limited and wouldn’t point to the objects. Our major concern was her delay in speech.It’s almost 3 months time she started therapy. Now she is pointing at objects and her response is a lot more spontaneous. Her speech has improved progressively. On the whole life has turned optimistic since the start of the therapy .

by Mrs.SXXXXX on Austin Center
Extreemly Good Speech Therapist

SPEECH THERAPY [email protected] Austin . When I started initially with Austin my child was speaking only a few words and he was hyperactive and was not having any patience to wait in a place. In Austin, I got all therapies including SPEECH Therapy, and ABA.My first priority was to reduce behavioral issues of my son,within couple of weeks itself we got it settled in Austin,Thanks very much for their Behavior Analyst and therapists.We had very good Interactive session with Mrs.Asha and she let us sit with the child in therapist room and observe him during the speech and behavior therapy sessions, and I could try all these techniques at home also.Many centers not allowing parents to sit in the room here they don’t have any objection for that, only thing our child should not get distracted our presence. Here my kid is getting chance to interactive sessions with others kids which are very helpful for the kids before they starting school they can learn how to interact with other kids how to wait. Staffs in Austin are 100%dedicated they studies our kids plus and negative sides and they guide us properly and do sessions accordingly. They help us to concentrate on the negative sides of our kids and can improve them effectively.At Austin parents getting an opportunity to interact with others who also had the same issues and can also kind of decisions area for parents. I would say Austin is a better place for kids who have developmental delays, speech and behavior issues hyperactive,autism etc. If you are searching for speech therapy services near Dubai, don't just waist time trying in other centers .Go for Austin and get the best service.

by Mrs.MXXXXX on Austin Center
Great help from Austin!

How Occupational Therapy and behavior therapy improved  my child?         

The Initial stage of my child: - delayed speech – (2years/7 month), aggressive behavior and less eye contact.

We choose Austin center for several reasons:- great feedback from other clients ;we felt the genuine concerns of Mr. Asha when he initially talked to her . Having such condition of the child is stressing for us the family and especially the child but we found hope with Austin. Her approach is unique for every situation.


Services: ABA and OT -Occupational Therapy 

Benefits: my son now improved TA the burden of having such condition lighten up having the support of the therapist and the center as whole Austin is different in a way they make parents /family’s positive side or brighter side of having such disability. They provide hope that things will get better with the right approach, therapy and the results overwhelming.

"Therapists are very approachable, they provide recommendations, and there is a personal touch on every child that comes to the center.”

by R.K on Austin Center


: One day I was surfing on line for special coaching required for my daughter. I came across the reviews for “Austin Center”, and based on the blogs and reviews I enrolled my daughter for speech and Occupational Therapy. I am very happy with the results and the changes I see in my daughter. After joining the center there is considerable improvement in her behavior and her communication skills as well. All the therapist specially speech and occupational therapist's are very well qualified to coach the children and very co-operative and gentle with children. Austin Center has proven to be life savior for me. They are an excellent team.

R.K (Dubai Silicon Oasis)

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