Speech Therapy Services Sharjah

Why Austin?

  • Only Center in UAE with a US Board Certified Behavior & Autism Consultant with more than 15 years of experience.Treated more than 1300 children with Speech,Behaviour and Autism related disorders.
  • One of the largest Center in Sharjah and nearby emirates with a big team of Speech,Behaviour,Occupational,Sensory and Psychology therapists.
  • More than 800 testimonials (Can be contacted on request)
  • Mainstream support with all major schools. More than 60 children mainstreamed in this academic year.
  • Our center is highly rated by UAE ministry officials for excellent treatment services.
  • All Speech,ABA & OT therapy sessions are closely monitored by a consultant to bring up quick results.This ensures a cost effective treatment without compromising quality.
  • Parental training ,Insurance support special speech therapy packages for clients coming from Sharjah & nearby emirates.

Contact - 055 3119743  / 06 5617822

Team Austin

Ms. Asha Susan
Autism & Behavior Consultant. [BCaBA, USA]
Board Certified In Behaviour Analysis( BCaBA, USA). One of the first Board Certified Autism and Behaviour Analyst in UAE
Senior Speech Therapist
Ms. Deepa
Senior Occupational Therapist
Senior Speech Therapist
Senior Occupational Therapist
Speech & ABA Therapist
Speech & ABA Therapist
Speech & ABA Therapist
Speech & ABA Therapist
Occupational Therapist

Testimonials (Professionals & Clients)