The right approach

If you suspect some thing wrong with your child,don’t waist time. Get the diagnosis and initiate the treatment without any delay.

1) Verify Credentials & Experience

Make sure your child is getting service from a qualified provider.

a)Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA) -
Consult a Board Certified Behavior analyst/consultant (with minimum 4 years experience as a behavior analyst/consultant after board certification) and design a child specific therapy program which should be implemented by an ABA therapist . Therapy targets, strategies should be updated/modified on an ongoing basis by an experience Behavior Analyst.Remember therapy sessions should be directly monitored (once in a week) by a Behavior Analyst.DON'T JUST WAIST YOUR CHILD'S PRECIOUS EARLY YEARS WITH ANY THERAPIST WHO IS CLAIMING TO KNOW ABA .

The therapist/behavior technician should have minimum 20-30 hours of ABA training under a board certified behavior analyst(BCBA/BCaBA) with minimum 3 years of ABA experience.A board certified behavior analyst is a professional who has finished university education and board certification in behavior analysis.


Choose a speech therapist who has bachelors/masters degree in speech and language pathology with minimum 3 years of experience working with children speech and communication disorders.We have a highly experienced team of indian speech therapist who caters our clients in Dubai and other emirates.


Choose an OT who has bachelors/masters degree in Occupational therapy with minimum 3 years of experience in the field.

2)Collaborative approach for faster results.

A collaborative approach which includes therapist,parents and the behavior analyst is highly effective.Observations from each team members should be systematically collected and discussed by the team to decide how each area can be addressed across the program. Combination of expertise ,knowledge and observations from each team members will definitely gives the best results in a shorter time and thereby saves your money and child’s precious early years.

3)Track and Monitor

The implementation of the overall program should be under an expert who has real good knowledge and experience in related field. A team manager/consultant should closely observe the target achievements and suggest solutions for any therapeutic challenges arises.

4)Parent Training

Your child is spending only few hours with our therapist ,as a parent if you can follow up the techniques at home the results will be faster. We will train you to support your little one at home

WHY TO CHOOSE US ? Direct everyday supervision by one of the first Board Certified Behavior Analyst in UAE with more than a decade of experience in ABA | High Qualified and Experienced Staff | Collaborative Approach | Progress & Accountability | Hundreds of suucessfull cases

What we do ?

Special Services For Special Children
Simple Answers For Complex Behaviors

Austin centre is started with a vision to provide all the necessary services to a child who is having delays in one centre, with a multi-disciplinary team to provide all kinds of support and backup to the children, parents and educators. We utilize evidence-based and proven practices to educate children diagnosed with various developmental disabilities. Our goal is to increase the number of children who progress to successful inclusion in mainstream schools. Our therapists use a collaborative treatment which includes ABA therapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy to integrate varying aspects of each child’s needs. This will ensure that the child will achieve maximum potential in minimal time. The progression of the children will be monitored by a US Board Certified Behavior Analyst

  • US Board Certified Behavior Analyst services

    One to one therapy sessions are continuously monitored by the Behavior Analyst

  • ABA ,Speech & Occupational Therapy Collaboration

    Most effective individual treatment plan designed by a team of therapist and program manager.

  • Minimal Time Maximum Result

    Highly experienced staff working collaboratively under expert program managers ensures best results within a short time.

  • Mainstream integeration

    Lots of successful cases


Teamwork makes the dream work
Ms. Asha Susan
Autism & Behavior Consultant. [BCaBA, USA]
Board Certified In Behaviour Analysis( BCaBA, USA). One of the first Board Certified Autism and Behaviour Analyst in UAE
Senior Speech Therapist
Ms. Deepa
Senior Occupational Therapist
Senior Speech Therapist
Senior Occupational Therapist
Speech & ABA Therapist
Speech & ABA Therapist
Speech & ABA Therapist
Speech & ABA Therapist
Occupational Therapist

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